Why TruePresence?

Does your website engage your visitors?  Do they take the next step and contact you?  Is your website measuring the actions your visitors are taking?  Do you link your marketing strategies to your website?         

OnlineMarketing 300x219 Why TruePresence?

Impacts to your Website

These are just a few of the questions that impact our clients.  So, why TruePresence?  Simple, our number goal is to understand how you do business.  It all starts with listening, documenting, planning, preparing, and execution.  Gone are the days of having an online brochure.  Website visitors are just too savvy.  We take website visitors through your own defined Sales Process.        

We are not just a website design & website development company.  We are an Internet Marketing company that is focused on all areas of the online medium and how they affect your business model.  We cover:  

» Sales Process  » Search Engine Marketing (SEM) 
» Web Marketing  » SEO Services 
» PPC Management » Lead Generation
» Social Media  » Google Analytics 
» Website Design  » Internet Marketing – Training & Education 

Let us know how we can help make your online presence more EFFECTIVE!
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