Our February event at TrueUniversity this month focuses on Killer Content For Your Business!.

Thursday, February 16, 2012 – TrueUniversity at City Range (615 Haywood Rd, Greenville, SC)

Event details for: “Killer Content For Your Business!”

TrueUniversity is a signature event designed to create a “learning community” for businesses here in the Upstate. Our monthly interactive tours on engaging topics are designed to GROW your business. We will discuss actionable ideas, recommendations, and processes that can be put to immediate use.

This month, we’ll explore: “Killer Content For Your Business!”

Here’s what we’ll tour:

- Must-have Content to generate online engagement?

- Where is the BEST location to promote my content?

- How do I use Social Media to increase links to my content?

- How do I MEASURE who is reading my content?

- Where do I find IDEAS for killer content?

This will be an informative and interactive time for all of us.  So, bring your thoughts, questions, and prepare to share in our real-time learning community!

Look forward to seeing you this month!

Thank you,