There is a wealth of information and resources on SEO strategies that work.
So, how about some DIY (Do-It-Yourself) SEO strategies to help your business get found online?

Here are the Top 4 that make a tremendous impact:

Keyword & Keyword Phrases

We can’t stress enough how important proper Keyword Research is to starting off on the right track. First, take a look at Google, Bing, and Yahoo search results for the keyword that best describes your business’ products or services. See who is ranking on the 1st page and determine if this is where you want to compete. But don’t stop here, use Google Adword’s Keyword Research Tool to determine Competition and Search Volume to see if there are other more valuable keywords or keyword phrases where competition may be less.

Link Building

Strong Link Building strategies are another equally important DIY SEO strategy that yields significant benefits. Look for those companies that are either strategic partners, or complimentary businesses to yours, and request a “reciprocal” link to them. In short, this means that you provide a link to their website and vice versa. If you only link to them, then this is a one-way link and doesn’t always give you the SEO benefit that the Search Engines will use to evaluate your link building strategy.

Article Submissions

Submitting Articles about your company to online sources like EZINEARTICALS.COM, are excellent ways to help promote your business and your website. As more people find these articles online, and then link to your site, the more value the Search Engines place on the “relevancy” of your website. Typically, Articles are usually between 400 – 600 words and include topics of interest for your readers.


The saying that Content is KING still has merit. The reason this is so important is that it forces us to think about updates to the website on a frequent basis. As Search Engines crawl and index our sites, they are specifically looking for recent changes in text and meta data that describes the page being reviewed. It’s important to note that even Image updates to your site need to have proper ALT Image Tags that describe the graphic. Remember…Search Engines can’t “read” images.

If you follow these 4 DIY SEO strategies, and monitor your Google Analytics reports, you will begin to see your company’s website increase in Search Rankings!

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