The Final Four

OnlineMarketing Small The Final Four

So March Madness is down to The Final Four! So what about all the competition to drive traffic to your company’s web marketing strategy?

The Brackets

Here are the brackets: Search Marketing (SEO); Email Marketing; Social Media; Radio; TV; Video Marketing; Billboards; Direct Mail.

As we pair them up, each one has specific benefits and opportunities to help you grow your business online. The one common thread that we should always remember is…never break the chain! Whether you invest in Radio or TV, for example, always provide announcements and/or links back to your website.


The proof is in the numbers…ALWAYS! There is nothing that we can’t measure, and the metrics are crucial for us to make informed decisions on where to invest our money for lead generation and customer retention.

Dollar-for-dollar, Email Marketing continues to be the lowest cost for customer acquisition, upsell, and retention. However, it’s the least preferred by many companies. The reason? From our experience, email creation, submission, and list management top the list of time consuming activities that lower it’s appeal. However, it continues to prove that it’s the most effective in determining what your subscriber is doing with what you send them. Compare this with Direct Mail, and you can see where the benefits shine. And as we are observing today, the new digital Billboards along the streets and highways will soon tell us if the message is “sticking” as the cars are passing by.

So onto Radio and TV. I’m a big believer in both these mediums where it makes sense. Personally, I like radio as a supplement to those who prefer to “listen” as opposed to “read”. The only downside is engagement unless it’s a “live” call-in show. As for TV, this is a great opportunity for interaction, especially if the show is informational, and not a commercial. In addition, TV broadcasts can be captured and used as part of a Video Marketing segment on your website. This is a nice dual purpose benefit.

Now for pure online marketing power, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and Social Media Marketing have been the great equalizers! I cannot remember a time in my career where an army of one can compete on an equal playing field as a Fortune 100 company. Other than the amount of money to invest, a person with a website and/or blog, a couple of social media outlets, and a little SEO savvy, can generate traffic with the best of the best.

The National Champion

This is where correlation to NCAA Basketball ends. I’m not a believer that only one of these strategies wins in the end. It will always be a combination of these that dramatically affects your business growth online. Just like the game statistics reveal, the best players will rise and be recognized.

Champion those strategies that prove to work, and your business will SUCCEED!

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