Snail Mail or Email

SnailMail Snail Mail or Email

Many times we are challenged with which approach works best for following up with Leads, and Customers.

So, in the ROI race of Snail Mail vs Email, who wins? The answer…

Lead Generation

When it comes to generating leads, the use of direct mail or letters has been measured in terms of low percentages. From our tracking, we continue to see conversion rates between .25% and 1% of respondents who convert. So why such a low number? Here is where mass marketing takes it in on the chin. Most direct mails are extremely general in nature, with very little personalization. In addition, it has been difficult to determine if the intended recipient even gets the mail to begin with. All we really know, is that it was delivered to the mail box at best. In addition, companies really don’t know how “qualified” the list is if it has been purchased.

Email on the other hand, has tremendous keyword analysis and internet marketing advantages. First, we can measure the percentages of “opens” by the intended recipients to help measure interest. From there, we can measure “click-throughs” to specific calls to action for engagement, and ultimate conversion opportunities.

Customers and Customer Retention

Now, this is where it gets interesting. For existing Customers, most Sales Executives prefer a personalized, hand-written letter to that of an email. They feel that the time it takes, thought given, and receipt of a highly personal and appropriate note works best. In these cases, we can’t agree more. However, the caveat to this is the amount of time it takes to scale this to hundreds of customers whom you may want to engage.

With email, the same result can be achieved by using “personalization” options at Greeting, through-out the email itself, and in closing. Again, the analytics from the email application pay off. We now know if they received it, opened it, and responded to a specific call or calls to action. This also helps us with search engine optimization (SEO) because of the volume of links that are created back to your website design.

The Checkered Flag

In a head-to-head comparison with all the benefits, Email wins! So here a few things to consider when trying to decide which one is best based on specifics:

  • Special wish (Birthdays, Anniversaries, Holidays) – Letter
  • News update on company products or services – Email
  • Calendar of Events – Email
  • Seminars or Lunch ‘n Learns – Email
  • Initial meeting or introduction – Letter
  • Social Media integration – Email

So when you need to communicate to Leads or Customers next time, determine which approach is best for you, and the outcomes that you wish to measure.

Start your Sales Engines!

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