Nothing but Net!

Basketball Net Small 300x197 Nothing but Net!

March Madness is upon us! So, should we talk about Basketball Nets, Baseball Nets, Net Income, or Net Profits?

The answer is…The Internet!

I am a huge believer in the power of Internet Marketing for businesses. But let’s put aside the conversation of website design and website development for a little bit. What I’m talking about is leveraging the power of
effective keyword searches that drive business for your company.

We have two major ways to do this…Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (PPC or Pay-per-Click). Both of the these methodologies are great strategies, but each one as timing element and a cost associated. For immediate traffic, PPC will get us there quickly. SEO, on the other hand, takes time. I usually estimate between 3 and 6 months depending on the competition, demographic coverage, and market focus. But, don’t forget that other internet marketing strategies work synergistically with keyword research. This includes: Radio, TV, Magazines, Press Releases, and News Articles. If we don’t break the chain, all the traditional media outlets can actually help us online! So, don’t ignore them if they have been proven to work for your business.

So…how do we know which keyword is the best one to use?

Free Keyword Tool

Go to Google Adwords Keyword Tool and type in the particular keyword or keyword phrase that best describes your company’s product or service (one per line). Also, use the suggestion option to give you more ideas to add to your list. Once complete, review the results for which keyword / keyword phrase has the most: Competition, Global Search Volume, and Local Search Volume. This will help affirm where you should be concentrating your efforts. Also, don’t forget about WordStream at and WordTracker at They have free tools for both SEO and PPC.

Competitive Keyword Research

Nothing like checking out the competition in your market. Go to the Google search bar, type in your product or service, and see who comes up first. Are they competitors of yours? If not, determine where you show up (page 1, 2, 3…) and see if this is an area of opportunity. Another site to visit is Alexa ( See what “it” thinks is your keyword focus in terms of dominance. Then verify this against how visitors actually get to your site (use Google Analytics – Traffic Sources).

Two great keyword resources in this area are SEO Chat ( and SEOBOOK ( In addition, they can tell you what type of keyword density you already have on your website. I highly recommend them for helping connect the dots for companies looking to determine new areas of opportunities online.

For increased Net Income & Net Profits…look to the InterNET!


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