Gone in :15 seconds

Video Small 300x268 Gone in :15 seconds

Within :15 seconds a visitor to your website design will determine the following:

  • Is this site relevant to what I was searching for?
  • Is this site credible?
  • Does this site engage me?
  • Are the pages easy to navigate?
  • What should I do next?

So as a business owner, what should we do to address these web marketing and social media marketing issues? First, we need to answer the above questions internally so that we are prepared to set an expectation with the visitor. All too often, we take the approach that we know what our visitors want better than they do. However, they are the ULTIMATE decision of that…not us. Check your Google Analytics and see what it confirms!

Websites are terrible about building relationships. So, why do we continually fight this battle? This is one reason that I strongly recommend Video Marketing strategies. eMarketer.com recently reported, “Consumers’ interest in watching video is growing exponentially, as is the number of screens and devices they use to access video content. But where and how people choose to watch video content affects their engagement level and whether a marketer’s message gets through.”

To help build a quicker, stronger, online business relationship, consider giving a :30 – :45 second “Value Proposition” of what your company can do for those needing your product or service. This is not meant to be an infomercial, but a very direct message of what you do for others. CAUTION…trying to tell someone what makes you great only serves to alienate the visitor. If they want to know more, they’ll go to the About Us page.

And finally, search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo, love to see videos on your site. It helps with SEO, Website Promotion, and Social Media influence.

Engage your visitors with video marketing and give them VALUE!

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