Time to Tweet?

Twitter FollowMe Time to Tweet?

Over the course of a year, how much time do we spend “tweeting” or being “social” online? SEO companies and industry experts say that power social media users normally spend 7 hours each week. That’s over 364 hours a year! So, here’s the question…Do we actually have 7 hours a week to spend on social media marketing for our business?

A mentor of mine gave me this great visual demonstration. Here goes…take 24 stacked cups (one cup = 1 hour) and set them out on a table. For each hour you subtract, take the corresponding cups off the stack and place them to the side.

Q. How many hours of sleep do we normally get?
A. 8

24 – 8 = 16

Q. How many hours does it take to get ready, commute to work, and back home?
A. 2

16 – 2 = 14

Q. How many hours are we at work each day?
A. 9

14 – 9 = 5

Q. How many hours do we spend at home watching TV, Reading, or doing our own thing?
A. 2

5 -2 = 3

Q. How many hours do we spend with the family each evening (include the pets, too)?
A. 2

3 -2 = 1

The final question…

Do we REALLY want to give up that last hour or so to Tweet or Facebook each day? Maybe utilizing an SEO Services company or Web Marketing provider would make better sense long-term.

The purpose of this exercise is to truly understand the “cost” of where we spend our time, and does it ultimately add value to the people that depend on us the most. I get convicted every time I step through this exercise!

As always, if you are updating your Web Marketing efforts and website design, and the time spent on Social Media is helping your business, then great. If not, what do you give up to get that extra hour? Hum…

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