The Power of NO!

NO Medium The Power of NO!

Really…who wants to hear the word NO when making a proposal to a new client? Or, hear NO when wanting to present a Web Marketing solution for a website design that hasn’t been touched in 2 years? Recently, I’ve come to realize the power in this one little two letter word.

A close friend of mine is the local owner of Sandler Sales. He taught me a fundamental truth…”Drive the process to a Yes, or drive it to a No. Anything in between doesn’t help anyone.” Great advice…Thank you Russ Davis!

The power of “No” is this: If someone tells you “no”, it’s probably not forever; just no, not now. This is a great qualification step. And, a great confidence booster. In addition, it works both ways. If you are not a good fit for the company that invited you in, or they are not a good fit for you, then “no” is a great answer. It will save a lot of frustration around unmet expectations.

Another colleague of mine use to say…”It isn’t selling until the prospect says No.” But in this case, no can be a perfectly acceptable response.

Embrace it…be empowered by it…grow from it.

NO excuses!

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