Is Your Social Media Anti-Social?

SocialMedia Small Is Your Social Media Anti Social?

The question is…Are your Social Media Marketing campaigns anti-social? With all the Web Marketing networks, feeds, tweets, re-tweets, etc., are you wearing out your welcome in the Social Media world? All too often, we want to “broadcast” to everyone, everywhere, at the same time, our opinions, thoughts, suggestions, and calls-to-action without regards to our “audience”. We then send them to a website design that doesn’t help continue the conversation.

So here’s a thought, what would happen if we concentrated on one or two social media outlets (LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter) and remained loyal to those internet marketing channels? First, we would build up a reputation, and gain credibility in our messaging. Secondly, we could measure more effectively the results of those updates, posts, and tweets in terms of engagement and links back to our landing page, blog, or website.

Don’t forget to use tools like Twoolr, qwerly, MentionMap, and HootSuite to see how you are performing. Also, reputable companies specializing in SEO Services will help connect the dots. Remember, it’s about the VALUE we bring to the those we connect with.

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