Is Your Website Dialing 9-1-1?!

Help Small Is Your Website Dialing 9 1 1?!

A close friend of mine posed this question on day when I wasn’t feeling my best, “Why are you afraid of going to the Doctor?”. My response was, “What if he finds something wrong?”. Well, let’s take a physician’s approach. Their job is not just to look at you and say, “Well, you look OK”. Or, “You look TERRIBLE!”. Their job is to ask questions, perform tests, and prescribe a cure to what is affecting you.

Just like a physician, we need to be looking at the health of our website design. We need to understand what it is telling us, and more importantly…what to prescribe so that it doesn’t call 9-1-1!

If your Web Marketing doesn’t have Google Analytics (or similar) setup, then how do we know it’s relative health? A good SEO Services company will want to ensure that you have statistics included for your website promotion. Remember, your website may look GREAT, but it really may be infected.

Take a look below at some vital signs that may point you to knowing whether or not your website design needs a thorough physical or immediate medical attention.

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