Is Your Business Searching for Sales?

Sales e1294782595505 Is Your Business Searching for Sales?

When we talk about searching for sales, where is the first place you start to look?

  • Referral Sources?
  • Strategic Partners?
  • Existing Customers?
  • Cold Calls?
  • Leads List or Group?

Well, one of the most overlooked areas is online. Let’s think about this a second. Instead of looking for people to sell to, what happens if the people looking to research or buy are trying to find you first? This certainly sounds easier, right? Ok, so how do we do this effectively?

Google Thyself!

If you want to know what people are finding when they are looking for your product or service, go to Google and type it in. Feel free to even put a location along with the search term (i.e. financial planners greenville sc). Notice what comes back. If the SERPs (Search Engine Results Page) comes back with everybody else but your company, we have some opportunities. This is a sure sign that an effective SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or SEM (PPC) campaign program may be right for you.

Social Media Mixer

We all know that Social Media is an excellent way to connect with our customers, prospects, and friends. So let’s be smart about how we educate, inform, and nurture these relationships. Outright selling can mean instant rejection! Let your connections recommend your product or service through these channels so that your sales funnel will be more consistent. Social media is a great customer retention tool.

A Billion Served Can’t Be Wrong

If you would like to get an idea of the kind of search volume we’re talking about, go to Google Adwords: traffic estimator and enter the keyword search term(s) you’d liked to see. I strongly recommend that you use location tags to help refine the search. This will give you greater insight into how many people are searching each month on products or services that you offer. If you have Google Analytics setup within your website design, compare your actual traffic sources and keywords to those that Google reports. You may be missing valuable SEO opportunities.

Double Down

Now that we’ve implemented the appropriate search engine marketing strategies to help visitors find us, let’s now give them something to do. If you want more interested, better qualified leads, put the visitors through your sales process. Remember, going from 1 sale a month to 2 just doubled your Sales!

Let the Internet work for you and your company. You and your customers will appreciate the effort you put into your web marketing!

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