Growing Your Business Online

2011 Growth Growing Your Business Online

Are you getting more online customers today than last month, or last quarter? Are visitors engaging with your website, or do they just land on the Home Page and leave? Well, now is the time to look at how we can grow uour businesses online with these strategies:

1. Do a quick Google or Bing search on your product and/or service and see where you come up on the search results. If you have to go to page 2 or beyond to find your company, chances are that visitors will not consider you relevant or credible. Action – consider how Search Engine Optimization (SEO), or Search Engine Marketing (PPC) can help you compete more effectively for visitors actively looking for YOU! Also, if you have a store front, make sure you have claimed your Google Map for your location (it’s free). Don’t miss valuable website promotion opportunities.

2. If your Google Analytcis, or website statistics, show that 60% or more of your visitors are leaving on the Home Page, then it’s time for a refresh of your website design. The emphasis here is on lead generation, engagement, and customer retention. Are you giving your visitors something to do (i.e. Click), or is your site more like a static brochure online? Simplicity is key here. Giving visitors too many things to do can be confusing…keep it manageable.

3. Don’t forget about your existing Customers! Choose your favorite email marketing solution and make sure you keep them informed. Too many times, we leave valuable lead generation opportunities on the table, simply by not considering one of the most powerful tracking tools available.

4. Go Social. There are volumes of sites and resources tauting the advantages of Social Media. Pick one major outlet (i.e. Facebook), and one industry niche that you are comfortable with. The goal here is to provide value…not sell. Social media purists, and followers see right through this.

With these overall web marketing strategies, determine where you think you need improvement, and start there. Measure your SEO activities, lead generation responses, and customer connections. Tracking these actions will definitely help your business grow more effectively online.

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