Is Your Website Costing You Business?

Websites Is Your Website Costing You Business?

So, do you know if your website design and web marketing is costing you business?  How do you know?  If  you not sure, here are some metrics that you will need to better understand what your website visitors are telling you.

First, make sure that you have Google Analytics or other web analytics software setup for your site (WebTrends, Omniture, CoreMetrics, etc.) that can give you the following:

  • Bounce Rate (How many hit my Home Page, do nothing, and leave?)
  • Visitors (Unique) (How many unique visitors are finding me daily, weekly, monthly?)
  • Traffic Sources (How are my visitors finding me?  Organic? Direct? Or, Referrals)
  • Content Sections (Where are my visitors going?)

We always want to consider a high Bounce Rate as a symptom.  The disease is a lack of interest by your visitor.  The cure?  Make sure that you have relevant content, and specific calls-to-action for the visitor to take.   If you find that there are low click-through percentages based on those calls-to-action, or low conversation rates,  consider changing the call-outs and continue to measure.  The goal is to test, test, and re-test to ensure that you are giving your visitors what they want.  If not, they will TELL you!

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