Google’s New Instant Search

GoogleInstant Googles New Instant Search

This month, Google has implemented it’s Instant Search capabilities for website browers.  So, what does this mean for users?  First, search results are expected to improve by as much as 2 -5 seconds based on what Google displays as the predictive keyword that may be of interest to you. Thus, saving you time. 

Second, as soon as you start typing, Google will display what previous users searched with what the Google algorithm deemed was most popular.  As for online advertisers, the jury is still out as to the ultimate web marketing impact.  One thing that Google says will not be affected are the Ads (Paid Search) and the way they are displayed, as well as the rankings for the specific keywords.  Just mark September 8, 2010 as the date of change, and monitor the impact to your own website design statistics.

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